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The Flaws in Iran Deal to Stop Them from Supporting Terror

The threat of Iran supporting terror is a danger to the world peace. The essence of Iran deal was to mitigate against this threats. Therefore, the deal had conditions that would reduce Iran supporting terror activities. However some people were against the deal for various reasons. The proponents of the agreement were aiming to make Iran stop being a sponsor of terror thus made significant compromises. Read more here to discover why many countries still think Iran is a sponsor of terror even after the agreements.

To prevent Iran from engaging in terror activities the agreement required the use of sanctions. The sanctions are detrimental to any country’s economy making them ideal tools for the deal. Thus to stop Iran from supporting terror other governments would lift the sanctions. Having a time interval in the Iran deal was a mistake. Therefore, although Iran would stop supporting terror for a given term it is possible to resume. Therefore lifting sanctions to many people only enhance the economy of Iran for the period they are not supporting terror. Therefore, Iran supporting terror was just put on hold as they can resume.

One of the flaws in Iran deal is lack of mandatory investigation of the country’s activities. It is therefore difficult to know whether Iran is keeping their part of the deal. Although the proponents know it is hard to believe a state that supports terror they failed to implement control measures. Hence, it is possible that Iran may still be engaged in terror activities in secret. It is impossible to know the activities the Iran military is doing given the agreement does not allow inspection.

Iran supporting terror goes beyond the borders of their country. The Iran deal only focused on activities happening within the country. Thus, although Iran may not be making the weapons itself it may work with other terror groups from other countries. The flaw in Iran deal in this instance is lack of terms on how to regulate their relations with other countries known for supporting terror. Hence, it is possible that Iran is aiding foreign terror groups and other countries with the title of a sponsor of terror.

It is crucial for all nation to recognize the danger of Iran supporting terror. The flaws in Iran deal need to reviewed and implement the solution carefully. Acts of terror results in loss of life, property and destabilizes the country’s economy. Therefore, it is essential to take action to prevent it.