What is the Law Students Should Know to Communicate with a Professor?

Above the Law recently shared the story of one law school professor’s struggle to navigate the relationship between professor and student. Her quandary is a relatively unique one: Like most of her students, she’s a Millennial. For law students attempting to communicate with professors who may not be as directly in tune with the generation-of-the-moment, however, the gap may be even wider. Here’s a closer look at why communication matters in law school, and how students can best position themselves to succeed through enhanced communications.

Communication Counts

Relationship building is an important part of law school. Aside from the fact that getting to know your professors can help make the law school experience less intimidating, there are numerous benefits to connecting with your law professors, including everything from potential research opportunities to letters of reference. Factor in the opportunity to develop a mentor-mentee relationship which can help you throughout your career, and the reasons to reach out grow.

Unfortunately, connecting with professors is sometimes easier said than done.  Ms. JD recently addressed three typical challenges faced by students when attempting to get to know their professors. While some of these may seem harsh, they’re rooted